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v     1995

§        Formalities to establish the new Company.

§        Partnership formed to serve as country agent for HUBBELL, Inc., USA, handling medium voltage switches.


v     1996

§        Official Foundation of DONG THO Pte., Ltd., (DTP) as approved by the Government of Vietnam.

§        Sole distributor for INDELEC, France, supplying Prevectron ESE Lightning Conductors.

§        In co-operation with BTC International Co., Belgium, became country agent for FULTON Vertical Tubeless Boiler, USA, and HURST Horizontal Boiler, USA.


v     1997

§        Sole agent for CONVENIENCE FOOD SYSTEMS (CFS), The Netherlands, supplying Industrial Food Processing & Packaging Equipment.

§        Distributor for GROUP SCHNEIDER, France, supplying MERLIN GERIN Low Voltage Switch Gears and TELEMECANIQUE Industrial Controls.

§        Established a Distribution Outlet at Dan Sinh Market in Ho Chi Minh City, a market specializing in industrial components, to promote Group Schneider products (including both imported products and manufactured products at the Schneider facility subsequently established in the Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park in Binh Duong Province).

§        Distributor for OLYMPIA International Co., Japan supplying Olympia Oil & Gas Burners.


v     1998

§        Sole agent for RISCO, Italy, supplying Sausage Processing Equipment

§        Sole agent for ELLER, Italy, supplying Small Capacity Food Processing Equipment.

§        Sole agent for SUHNER, Switzerland, supplying tumblers and injectors.

§        Distributor for SUMBER Pte., Ltd., Singapore supplying Hitachi Circuit Breakers.

§        Operations of DTP's own Workshop and Warehouse in Ho Chi Minh City, for Switch Board Assembly and After-Sales Services.


v     1999

§        Sole agent for KOMET, Germany, supplying vacuum chamber packaging machines.

§        Prepared for launching DTP's own new product line : steel enclosures for switch boards.

§        Establishment of seventeen dealers in Ho Chi Minh City and three dealers in the provinces to enhance its own distribution system for Group Schneider electrical components.


v     2000

§        Exclusive country agent for HENKEL AI, Germany, supplying Industrial Adhesives.

§        Agent for DANBREW, Denmark, supplying Equipment and Raw Materials for Brewery.

§        Sole Agent for PAVERO, Switzerland, supplying Nordmeccanica‘s Converting machinery.

§        Sole Agent for ARCOGAS, Germany, supplying Test Pens and Test Inks.

§        Agent for UCB FILMS, Belgium, supplying films for Tobacco wrapping.

§        Country agent for TORAY INDUSTRIES, Singapore, supplying Toray's flexible packaging materials (including polymer printing plates, thick PET film for plymounting and PET “LUMIRROR” film for food packaging ).


v     2001

§        REORGANIZATION : due to the growth of the business scope, DTP develops into two (02) companies :

·        DONG THO Co., Ltd. (DTC) dedicated to trading Industrial Raw materials / Products and Equipment from : HENKEL AI, UCB FILMS, ARCOGAS, TORAY, PAVERO AG, KOMET, DANBREW, CFS, RISCO, ELLER.

·        DONG THO Pte., Ltd. (DTP) dedicated to trading product lines from INDELEC, FULTON, HURST, GROUP SCHNEIDER, OLYMPIA INT., SUMBER, and manufacturing the steel enclosures for switch boards.


v     2002

§        Agent for FOREVER, Germany, supplying thermo-transfer printing systems.


v     2003

§        Agent for MARBO ITALIA SpA, supplying Footwear chemicals

§        Agent for VETAPHONE, Denmark, supplying Corona Treatment Systems.


v     2004

§        Agent for EXXONMOBIL Chemical Films Asia Pacific, supplying BOPP-Specialties film.

§         Agent for FRITZ  EGGER GmbH & Co., Austria, supplying Wood-Working & Decoration materials.


v     2005

§         Agent for DOW Chemicals, U.S.A.,  supplying StyroFoam products.


v     2006

§         Agent for INNOVIA FILMS, Belgium, supplying Films for Flexible Packaging and Tobacco Industries.


v     2007

§         Agent for WEATHERSHIELD, U.S.A., supplying Premium Windows & Doors.

§         Agent for PECOLIT, Germany, supplying high quality fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) flat-sheets in vehicle and construction sectors.



v     representing foreign manufacturers and firms to customers in Vietnam.

v     supplying Industrial Raw materials, Products and Equipment through our own distribution channels.

v     providing a comprehensive range of after-sales services, commissioning, and installation. 

v     through years of operation, before and after the reorganization, DTC has increasingly grown and developed its capacity to meet customer needs in many existing fields of industrial section in Vietnam, such as : 

·         Printing, Flexible Packaging

·         Footwear

·         Woodworking

·        Textiles, especially in non-woven

·         Breweries & beverages

·        Milk & dairy production

·        Edible oil processing

·       (Other general ) Food processing 

·        Construction & Ex-Interior materials/ products